Opinion: Goodluck Jonathan Is A Better Democrat Than Trump

Former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and President Donald Trump of the United States are game-changers, they changed what the world used to think about democracy in the first and third world nations. Their actions as democratic leaders when compared, I dare to say Goodluck is a better democrat than Trump.

Goodluck Jonathan (top © Goodluck Jonathan/Twitter) and Donald Trump (below © The Nation)

The United States has been the nation Africans and Nigerians look up to as models of democracy. American leaders have always demonstrated democratic ethos, especially when it comes to electioneering. Africa and its leaders are not anywhere close, or so it used to be until Goodluck Jonathan. In 2015 Goodluck stunned the world by doing the unexpected, he conceded defeat as an incumbent President, in Africa. It was unprecedented.

The habit of not conceding defeats in elections and rejecting votes as rigged is associated with Africa and its leaders, or other third world nations. The West and the United States have continued to stand out until the emergence of Donald Trump. After Donald Trump lost out in the November 2020 elections to Joe Biden, his behavior has been unprecedented and not-Presidential, he has refused to concede defeat and continues to allege that the election was rigged against him.

Trump supporters invaded and occupy Capitol Hill (Image: below, New York Times)

Donald Trump’s actions after defeat have done more harm to U.S. democracy than good: like the stereotypical African leader the West love to ridicule, Trump has continuously dismissed the election as a fraud: alleging rigging and theft. After States’ and Federal Supreme Courts threw out his several election petitions he accused them of bias and corruption. He has done everything all the way to truncate Joe Biden’s victory and have failed, this increases his bitterness and accusations.

This is the U.S.A with strong institutions to check the President’s excesses, imagine if Trump was a third-world leader! Today is to be the day the United States Congress would certify or not Biden’s victory, it is frustrated Trump’s last attempt to stop Biden. Through inciting tweets and speeches, he fired up his supporters who yesterday invaded the Capitol Hill building, the seat of the United States Congress; it is an action pundits consider as tantamount to a coup d’etat by Trump in a final bid to orchestrate his stay in office.

Goodluck Jonathan (Image: Entrepreneurs.ng)

But in 2015, an African President, Goodluck Jonathan, demonstrated so much democratic maturity and conceded defeat. As an incumbent President, Goodluck had all the powers and with weaker institutions of check and balance, he could have insisted to remain in power but he refused and chose the noble path by respecting the democracy he has worked hard to improve. That singular act by Goodluck Jonathan qualified him to rub shoulders with the titans of world democracy. Trump can never be one of them.

While it is not wrong not to concede defeat or allege election irregularities, it is wrong to do it with an intent to destroy trust in democratic institutions that organized the election, that verifies the election, that endorses and approve the election. Trump has attacked the Electoral Commission that organized the election, the Courts that ascertain the merits of petitions, the Electoral College that affirms it, and the Congress that would approve it. He is a democratic nightmare, an embarrassment to the west and a mistake Americans will not wish to ever repeat. In talking about democratic leaders, Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria is far better than Donald Trump.

The Jewish Messiah: Theodore Herzl And The Founding Of Israel

Beginning with the Babylonian conquest of the Jewish kingdom of Israel and the Roman sacking of Judah, the Jews had no home state for thousands of years. The desire to have one has inspired many prophecies of a savior, a messiah, who among other things will unite the Jews together once again. The birth of Israel today is due to the effort of Theodore Herzl than any other Messiah candidate in Jewish history.

Jerusalem (Image: Israel Hayom)

It is no secrete that most Jews don’t regard Jesus Christ as the Messiah, among other things, they believe the Messiah would not be a deity or a spiritual leader, but a political leader who will one day gather the dispersed ones of Israel together. In 1897 Jewish representatives across the world gathered together in Basel, Switzerland, on the beckoning of Theodore Herzl for the First Zionist Congress. Writing in his diary that day, according to Anita Shapira’s book “Israel: A History”, Theodore Herzl wrote: At Basel I founded the Jewish State”.

Although a Jewish state did not come into existence during Theodore’s lifetime until 51 years later on May 14, 1948, the seed was sown by Theodore’s initiative, perseverance, passionate pursuit to see that the Jews have a state they will call their own. During his lifetime, the Jews were scattered across the world, living in lands they are not accepted and discriminated against. It was a time nationalism was rising in Europe, ethnic and racial communities struggling to carve their territory of political control. The Jews had none, only an ancient memory that links them to Palestine – where the Jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judah once flourished.

Theodore Herzl (Center) and some members of the Zionist delegation in Jerusalem during their scouting in search of the ideal place to establish a Jewish state (Image: Wikipedia)

In the Basel Congress, where Zionism as a political movement was created, the idea of the establishment of a political state for Jewish people was discourse and adopted: Jews like any other community need a nation of their own where they can live free, as equal, and pursue life without restraint. Theodore Herzl conceived the idea of the flag of this proposed Jewish state which after slight modification gave birth to the present-day flag of Israel.

Among many places the Zionist movement considered for the establishment of a Jewish home state include Argentina, Kenya, and Palestine, then under Ottoman rule. Theodore Herzl and the Zionists approach the Ottoman Sultan to relinquish the Jewish ancestral homeland, Palestine, to them, but the Sultan declined. But the strong attachment the Jews had with Jerusalem, saw the Zionist encouraging Jews to migrate to Palestine, and appeal to Jewish wealthy men to sponsors the cause. Between 1904 when Theodore Herzl died to 1948, the Jews have populated Palestine and exceed the Arabs, and seized the land and declare it an independent Jewish state.

Theodore Herzl (Image: Britannica.com)

At his death on July 3, 1904, the common Switz journalist has been transmigrated into a Jewish hero with a messiah status. He is considered the Father of modern political Zionism. When the state of Israel was declared in 1948 Theodore’s remains were moved from Europe to Israel and rested on a mountain in Jerusalem named after him, Mount Herzl. Even a public holiday is recognized for him in Israel, Herzl Day.

Theodore Herzl was a common man who rose to become a man of repute, he did not embark on this mission with a conscious desire to fulfill the messianic purpose, but out of share love for his people who live in societies where they are not welcome, and desire to see them have their own state, a country they can call their own and strife and thrive in it. He was not a conquering warrior, through diplomacy and advocacy he was able to inspire a movement that births a nation.
He is not the Messiah, no proof that he comes from the line David, not a deeply religious Jew, he did not rebuild the destroyed temple in Jerusalem – he had died when Israel was established. But the fulfill a crucial part of the Messiah prophecy, he gathered the scattered Jewish together and “founded the Jewish State.” Do you think he is the Jewish Messiah?

Jack Ma’ Disappearance: In China All Animals Are Equal

The concept of the Rule of Law is considered sacred in a democracy, it affirms that all are equal before the law. But in some democratic states, like Nigeria, it is the Orwellian reality: some are more equal than others. The affluent often escape punishment by the law unlike the masses, but in China, all animals are equal! Nothing captures that better than the alleged disappearance of the Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma.

Jack Ma (Image: CNBC.com)

It trended in the news yesterday that China’s second wealthiest man, Jack Ma, who has a net worth of over $48 billion has disappeared. This man who is almost fourth times richer than Aliko Dangote just disappeared! Nobody knows about his whereabouts. Suspicion is that the China communist government has acted on him for daring to criticize them. China is a totalitarian communist state whereby the government controls almost everything, Jack Ma has been an advocate of open trade. He is so powerful financially, he can’t disappear. But he did.

Jack Ma and the President of China, Xi Jinping, at an event (Image: AllTechAsia)

In a totalitarian state, the term “disappear” has none of its metaphysical meaning, it means something more sinister. If you disappear in a totalitarian state, that is all for you, you are finished. It happens all the time to citizens who dare to speak against the government, they vanish and are never heard of again. Nigerians are still asking “where is Dadiyata”, a government critic who disappeared without a trace to date. The difference between Dadiyata’s appearance with Jack Ma’s is that unlike Ma, Dadiyata is nobody! He can afford to disappear in Nigeria, the affluent and the rich can’t disappear in Nigeria, nor the U.S, or Britain.

China is a communist country ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. Xi Jinping (pictured at the center) is the General Secretary of the party, and is the President of China (Image: Sunday Guardian Live)

In these self-acclaimed democratic nations that preach the rule of law, some animals are more equal than others. The rich always find a way to wriggle themselves out of the grip of mother justice. Can you imagine Bill Gate disappearing for violating the laws of the US, or Dangote to disappear for daring Buhari? It is unthinkable in Nigeria, but not in China, Jack Ma’s disappearance shows that in China all animals are equal.

Jack Ma (Image: Business Insider)
The law that was used to punish the common has been applied to Jack Ma. It is not a democratic law, but it invokes the sacred doctrine of rule of law, for a classless society – this is what every communist state claims – all citizens would be treated or dealt with equally. With his billions, Jack Ma is allegedly suffering the treatment that could and had been met on several offending Chinese commoners. At least, the common Chinese citizens would trust their government whenever they say all the people are equal.

Slave Trade In Doctors: All You Need To Know About Medicine In Cuba

I saw something today and decided to dig further, the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a tweet referring to Slave Trade in Doctors by Cuba. Slave trade in doctors! In my research, I discovered that Cuba usually sends thousands of medical doctors abroad to work and earn money for the country. This piece is to discover how the practice is referred to as became slavery.

Image: Dreamstime

In Nigeria, doctors are private individuals, the work and earn for themselves. In Cuba, medical doctors and other health practitioners, nurses, and technicians work for the government. The government makes sure doctors are trained to international standards, in Cuba, and the country is a developing country. Citizens obtained free education from primary to University level – up to Ph.D. according to Learning First Alliance.

In the communist country, the citizen belongs to the state so also his earnings, because the government caters for him or her. Medicine is a lucrative discipline in Cuba, after the Communists took over power in the country in 1959, the set out to eradicate illiteracy and to trained enough medical doctors to heal the nation. Within a short while, the literacy level in Cuba improved tremendously. According to a 2016 CIA Report, the literacy rate in Cuba is 99.8%, nearly the highest in the world.

A Cuban doctor in a remote area in Brazil (Image: New York Times)
The Cuban doctors abroad are the highest foreign earners for the communist country (Image: The Conversation)

Cuba has trained so many doctors that they don’t need them working at home anymore. These doctors have over the years conquered diseases in the nation and improved life expectancy from 55 years in the 1950s to 79 years today, one of the best in the world, highest among developing countries. With surplus medical practitioners of international standards, since the 1960s, the government decided to export some of them abroad in Asia, Africa, and South America to earn money for the state.

Since 1960, Cuba has sent over 600,000 doctors abroad to over 160 countries. This medical internationalism by Cuba is the highest foreign earner for the country. According to a 2020 report by The Guardian UK, this Medical Internationalism generates about $6.3 billion annually for Cuba. It is a feat former President of the US Barack Obama hailed, an acts the current US Secretary of State condemn, as Obama’s support for what he and President Trump term “Cuba Slave Trade In Doctors”.

A Cuban Doctor in Africa (Image: World) policy
Cuban Doctor performing surgery abroad (Image: Wikiwand)

The argument is that the government of Cuba allegedly pocket about 70% of what these doctors abroad earn. And even this diaspora medical services were mandatory and exploitative. The concept is unreconcilable with US capitalism, where doctors funds their education and when they secure jobs the earnings belong to them. In Cuba, the government funds the doctors’ education from elementary to University and employed the doctors upon qualification. According to a Cuban journalist in the report by The Guardian, the diaspora doctors earn better than doctors working in Cuba, and most – he quoted over 60% – enjoyed their services abroad and do not consider their assignments as slavery.

The term “slave trade in doctors” is a term used by Donald Trump and some western critics of communist Cuba’s practice of medical internationalism; sending doctors abroad to work and earn for the nation. Cuba has tackled health crisis in its border and has surplus medical workers to export abroad to earn for the nation. When will Nigeria have enough and qualified doctors to handle their medical crisis?

Yuletide And Christmas: Pagan Roots And Christian Tradition

The celebration of the birth of the founder of Christianity Jesus Christ is here, the season is called “Yuletide” and the day is called “Christmas”: these terms represent the season and day snatched by Christianity from ancient pagan religions of Europe.

Image: Chicago Sun-Times

In ancient Europe, among the Germanic tribes, which consists of present-day English, Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Norwegian, etc, the people were largely pagans who worshiped the supreme Germanic God called Odin. Between December and January, these pagan communities observed the twelfth days festival period to celebrate their supreme deity, Odin. The festival is called Yule and the season is called tide hence the name Yule-tide.

The Yuletide was an annual pagan festival in Europe among the Germanic tribes long before they were converted to Christianity. It is said that it was the King of Norway, Haakon I (934-961AD), who first reconciled Yuletide to coincide with Christmas, according to the saga written by the poet Snorri Sturluson. Other converted Germanic tribes followed suit, with time, the twelfth days Yuletide season was merged with Christmas – which also has a pagan origin.

Artistic impression of an ancient Yule Festival (Image: Die Gartenlaube/wikipedia)

Some scholars argue that Christmas day 25th December has a pagan origin, and like Yuletide was hijacked from the pagans. But others argue on the contrary, citing that Christians celebrated Christmas on that day long before Roman Emperor Aurelian in AD 274 declared it the day for celebrating the Roman deity, Sol Invictus. The first Christmas celebration in Roman history, some argued, was in AD 336, long after Aurelian has died, meaning pagans had long revered December 25 before Christians.

Sol, is the Roman sun God. Before Aurelian, accounts claimed the worship of Sol was insignificant, but with the emergence of Aurelian as Emperor, Sol was elevated high that the longest day in the Northern hemisphere, Winter Solstice, which herald the birth of the sun in December led to the choosing of December 25th as the day of the birth of Sol Invictus. Pagan Romans, therefore, organized feasts and celebrated the birth of the sun, Sol Invictus. This tradition continued until emperor Constantine I decreed Christianity as the state religion, and Christmas officially celebrated for the first time in the Empire in 336 AD, a year before his death in AD 337.

Christmas and Yuletide, albeit their pagan roots are today taken over by Christians to honour the birth of Jesus Christ (Image: religionworld.in)

It was after Christianity was recognized over pagan tradition as the official religion of the Roman empire that the various pagan institutions were usurped by Christians and Christianity, December 25th as one of them. Formally a day for the pagan celebration of the birth of Sol Invictus, the Sun God; it became the birthday of the son of God, Jesus Christ. Christmas.

After Rome became a Christian empire, its subject territories also were Christianized: It began with the romance-speaking communities (present France, Italy, Spain, Portugal), and spread to the Germanic tribes of western Europe (Germany, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc. who after conversation fused their Pagan Yuletide festival with Christian Christmas. It was England, one of the state of the Germanic-speaking people, that evangelized and brought Christianity to Nigeria, and left behind the legacy of the celebration of Yuletide and Christmas.

Christmas and Yuletide, albeit their pagan roots are today taken over by Christians to honour the birth of Jesus Christ (Image: religionworld.in)

While you celebrate Christmas or the Yuletide season, don’t be moved by the claims that these are pagan celebrations in disguise. Yes, the pagan origins of these festivities are true, but they have long been purged of paganism and cloaked with Christian values. 25th December and Yuletide were at some time pagan sovereigns but a Christian coup d’etat has won them over for Christ.
Enjoy the yuletide and merry Christmas in advance.

Kankara Boys Update: What Happen To The Kidnappers?

The nation is still celebrating the release of the abducted Kankara schoolboys, but the spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed chose to ask the most important question of all: what happened to the kidnappers, to those who abducted the children?

Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed (Photo: The Sun Nigeria)

The fact of the incident is this, over 300 schoolboys were arrested, and they have been released and returned. Who orchestrated the attack, what happened to them who defied the law of the land and dare to invade a town, attacked its school, and carter away over three hundred students. Initially, when the news of the attack was announced, everyone concluded it the attack was carried out by armed bandits. They operated mostly in the North-West. 

The Governor of Zamfara state, where the boys were finally released, claimed they attacked was carried out by bandits. The spokesperson to Governor Aminu Bello Masari, Abdul Labaran, was more vivid: according to a report by BBC News, the spokesperson was quoted as confessing that the attackers were known bandits, “…people we know very well”. It came as a shock when the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, claims the abduction was carried out by some of his men operating on the North-West. The video released by the abductors yesterday carries the flag of the terrorist group.

President Muhammadu Buhari Addressing the released Kankara Boys (Image: Bashir Ahmad/Twitter)

Now, whether the boys were captured by bandits or Boko Haram, that is not the issue; what matters is the fate of the criminal elements. The boys have been rescued, how about the criminals that stole them. No one is saying anything. Were the abductors killed or arrested, no corpse(s) or person(s) paraded to answer the question. But this did not escape the eyes of the spokesman of the NEF, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed. The Northern Elders Forum has been critical of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government particularly on issues of insecurity and had dared to ask the President to resign. 

Baba-Ahmed asked if the government had asked the criminals upon release of the boys, “walk away to sin no more”. And if these criminals were allowed to go free, which is likely as no arrest or killing of the abductors was reported, Baba-Ahmed asks if that has made Nigeria safer or more exposed and vulnerable. This is a crucial question. 

Image: Daily Trust

Since the inception of President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime, the government has negotiated several times with terrorists to secure the release of abducted students: About 101 of the 276 Chibok girls were negotiated and released between October 2016 and May 2017. The Dapchi girls who were abducted in February 2018 were also released after negotiation, now the Kankara Boys. With every negotiation, the criminals become bolder and their onslaught increases. Whatever concessions the government has made to the criminals, it is yet to make the country safer and secure.

For Nigerians to feel safe, criminals must be arrested, put on trial and punished. To be allowed to go free to give evil another opportunity to afflict further. What happened to the kidnappers of the Kankara schoolboys?

Shekau’s Christmas Present For Nigeria

Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram is the last person anyone will expect a Christmas present from, yet, he gave the nation one. Christmas is one week away, but Shekau’s present came early: the 334 boys he abducted few days ago have been freed. They were not rescued by the military, nor did the authority confessed “paying” Shekau for the release. Did the murderous Shekau free the boys benevolently, a gift to the nation, or he had a better bargain?

The Kankara schoolboys after freedom (photo: Channels TV)

Abubakar Shekau, the most known leader of Boko Haram, has led the atrocities of the terrorist group up to March 2015 when the terror group split into two. On April 15, 2014, Shekau abducted 276 schoolgirls in the town of Chibok in Borno State. He vowed to marry and sell them off, and he did. Under Shekau’s leadership Nigeria armed forces could not rescue the girls nor capture Shekau. After Boko Haram split in March 2015, the new faction which swore allegiance to ISIS and adopted the name Islamic State West Africa (ISWA), began compromising where Shekau wouldn’t; They began negotiating with the government.

In October 2016, 21 of the Chibok girls were released, 82 more were set free the following year on May 7, 2017. This was possible after negotiations that involved the payment of ransom. These were the Chibok girls probably held by ISWA. This same group on February 19 2018 captured 110 girls from another secondary school in the town of Dapchi in Yobe state. After negotiation and alleged payment of ransom, the girls were released except one, Leah Sharibu, who is still held to date. The Chibok girls that were held by Abubakar Shekau’s faction are still missing!

Abubakar Shekau (photo: The Guardian Nigeria)

Abubakar Shekau is not known for negotiating, those he abduct he executes; the Chibok girls he stole are still missing six years after. Shekau is not known to compromise. On Friday last week, some 344 schoolboys were abducted from a boarding school in Kankara town in Katsina State. Shortly after, Abubakar Shekau claimed responsibility. When the abductors released a video of the captured students yesterday, the flag of the terrorist group was represented. Knowing Shekau’s antecedent, very few Nigerians expected the boys will ever be freed.

Of course, the boys would not serve Shekau as much as the girls – unless he wished to recruit them; nor could he justify their abduction being that they were probably Muslims. The boys were a liability for him than “assets”. Yet he abducted them, if not to sell them off or disappear them as he did the Chibok girls, then maybe for ransom or bargain. The boys were not rescued by military operation nor did the authorities confirmed to have negotiated with the terrorist to secure the boys’ release. How were the boys release, did Shekau suddenly become benevolent, a Santa Claus that brought Christmas gifts earlier?

While we rejoice that the boys have been freed and will soon be united with their loved ones, questions must be asked to be certain that national security is not bargained off to a ruthless terrorist. Without a bargain that Shekau would consider fair, meaning a concession that would lead to the destruction of Nigeria, the murderous religious terrorists would never free the boys. He is not Santa Claus, and his gift must not be trusted!

COMA 2020: A Movie Review

Director: Nikita Argunov; Screenplay: Nikita Argunov, Alexy Gravitsky, Timofey Dekin; Production Company: Enjoy Movies; Nationality: Russian; Language: Russian (English Subtitle); Duration: 1hr 51mins; Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Cast: Rinal Mukhametov, Lyubov Aksyonova, Konstantin Lavronenko, Anton Pampushnyy, Milos Bikovic, Polina Kuzminskaya

For those who might find the plot complicated, because watching the film is indeed complicated, it is simply a story about a man who wants his own ethereal paradise where he can be God. But first, he needs to invite the architect to help him create the heavenly mansions, the movie begins the architect honouring the invitation.

In the opening scenes, there was an accident, the man who had the accident suddenly wakes up like from a nightmare. He awakens into a world unlike the one he is familiar with, something seems to be eating away objects and people. Panicking he fled outside where he had an encounter with a Ripper, a horrible and scary looking living black mass. He was rescued by a team led by a man named Phantom (Anton Pampushyy). A chase ensued, fleeing from the ripper they were jumping, turning and running into hanging cities, floating towns, and suspended buildings and structures – you might turn the other corner and find yourself in a Chinese city or London, or Moscow. If you think you have seen worse in Chris Nolan Inception, this Russian movie will freak you out.

“You are in a coma”, Fly (Lyubov Aksyonova) told Viktoh (Rinal Mukhametov) whom they nicknamed Architect, all that he is seeing (the web-like layout of suspended structures) is an entanglement of people’s memories, people who are in comma in the real world – thanks to life support. If the Architect settles down he will eventually find someone, a thing, or a place he can remember. After fleeing the ripper successfully after one death in the process, the architect was brought to the community of survivors. This is where he met Yan (Konstantin Lavronenko), who is the leader of the group and has been in comma longer than everyone. It was Yan who sent the team to locate the Architect and bring him safely to the community.

Yan eventually revealed to the community that the city he promised them they would be safer, it was the architect who will help them create the city. The community soon decide to depart their hideout to the location where the city would be created but was soon attacked on their way by the rippers. A group led by Yan ran back to their hideout and the Architect and others (Fly, Astronomer (Milos Bikovic), Spirit (Polina Kuzminskaya), etc) decide to proceed. Victor suddenly awoken from comma, the accident in the opening scene was real. He found himself in a hospital bed surrounded by medical attendants, including Yan.

Yan was the one in charge of the facility and led the research which showed that people can live a fulfilled life in Comma. He needed people with special abilities he can exploit when they are in a state of comma, including Viktoh. All the people the architect had met while in comma were actually in comma and life support in Yan research facility which in real life is the headquarters of a religious sect where Yan is the spiritual leader. When sponsors refused to fund his research and discovery with the human brain in comma, Yan started a religious sect to raised funds. He told the Architect: if you want to be rich create your own religion. His new religion, The Foundation of Eternal Life, promised the “Gift of a New Life” to adherents. A new life where paradise is assured in the state of comma.

Photo: Horrornews.net

This is enough explanation to make the understanding of the movie much easier. Let me also add that the Rippers are actually people who are in the state of comma in real life but brain-dead but still alive due to life support, in the world of Coma however they become predatory rippers who are constantly prowling and looking for the living to attack.

The similarity between this movie and Inception is that both explore the mysteries of dreams and comma, and the passage of time in these realms: Inception was generally about dream whereby a couple of seconds made up hours and so on. In Coma, a second can make up to a number of days. While the [layers of the]dream world in Inception is built by one architect, the web-like world in Coma is made up of the memories of people in comma.

The web-world in Coma is built from what people can clearly remember when they were alive and conscious, their dreams are nothing but jumbled streams of imaginations. There was a scene where the architect had led the team through his dream as an escape route to reality but couldn’t proceed after what he remembered got jumbled. “This is not how I remember it!” He cried in frustration but Astronomer reminded him that they are in a dream and he needs details to remember. The pyramids.

Photo: alienhive.pl

I love the movie. It is a cinematic and thematic masterpiece, it should be a fantasy and sci-fi classic. The cinematographers did a wonderful job, the same as the CGI technologists as most of the film is CGI generated. It was masterfully edited by Victor Sviridenko, while Nikita Argunov did a great job directing the story. Maybe he succeeded because he understood the intricacies of the story being one of the three-man team that wrote the screenplay, others include Alexy Gravitsky and Timofey Dekin. The scores were composed by Ilya Andrus, and it suits the movie like latex gloves in a nurse’s elegant hands. The actors did great too.

For many like me who are unfamiliar with Russian cinema and who don’t recognize or know the actors and actresses in the film. That makes it easier to assess their performances. I really cannot fault any performance, but they cast whose acting stood out for me includes Anton Pampushnyy (Phantom) and Yan (Konstantin Lavronenko), the cult leader – he bears a resemblance with Jose Mourinho. The Architect (Rinal Mukhametov’s) acting was relatable cast but too casual and unconvincing for a role that ought to be more emotional; the speed at which he adapted to the strange world of comma and Coma was too quick and less realistic. It was like he had been in comma as long as the others. But he was a genius so I guess that explains it.

The movie is a science fiction fantasy masterpiece. It explores and exploits the realm of comma masterfully just as dreaming was handled in Inception. The plot might be complicated and the images a bit mind-twisting, the story nonetheless was flawless, it was engaging as well as entertaining. I love this movie, you will too.

I rate COMA 8/10.

Why President Trump Nomination For Nobel Peace Prize Is Most Deserving Than Obama’s Win In 2009

It is all over the news now that the United States President Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. If he should win, Trump will join the league of Nobel Prize awarded US presidents which include Theodore Roosevelt(1906), Woodrow Wilson(1919), Jimmy Carter(2002), and Barrack Obama(2009).

While his followers and admirers are celebrating the nomination some are critical, insisting that he does not deserve it. This is not the first time a US President’s nomination will be controversial; in 2009 President Barack Obama who was nominated just a few days after taking the oath of office was eventually awarded Peace Prize after less than a year in office. Many were of the opinion that he does not merit the award while some insisted he deserved it. In my opinion, if Obama deserved it then Donald Trump deserves it even more.

President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty Images)

Alfred Nobel, the Swedish engineer, inventor, and businessman who was known for the invention of the dynamite was reading through a French newspaper in 1888 where he saw an obituary placement of his death: The merchant of death is dead”, a caption stated. It was the case of mistaken identity, it was his brother who was dead. The caption touched the wealthy inventor, and he had to change his will to live a better legacy on his demise. The bulk of his wealth was willed to promote peace by awarding individuals whose contributions in their chosen location promote peace, unity, and progress of humanity and societies. The award is over 100 years old.

The Nobel Peace Prize was initiated to award individuals who “Done the most or best work for fraternity between nations, for the evolution or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. One notable winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is Nelson Mandela who worked to moderates extreme response by blacks in post-apartheid South Africa and encouraging peaceful existence between South Africans regardless of their race or ethnicity. It is well deserved.

Photo: Nobel Peace Prize/Twitter

When Barrack Obama was nominated in 2009, he had been sworn into office only a few days. Nine months later the Nobel Committee awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize. After only a few months as President. It was very controversial, according to a poll carried out in the US, about 61% of Americans did not think Obama deserved it. Even political commentators across the world were taken by surprise and shocked by both the nomination and the award. The Nobel Committee said they award him for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people. This is because shortly after been sworn in as president Barack Obama began a tour of the Middle East delivering speeches about peace. He was awarded chiefly for his oratory.

Neither did Obama hasten the withdrawal of American troops in Iraq not make effort to quell tensions in the Middle East, in fact, the United States through NATO supported Arab Spring that destabilizes Libya, Egypt, and Syria. In fact, Obama did not condemn the military sacking of an elected government in Egypt even though Egypt was one of the nations in the Middle East he visited during his Nobel winning tours. Winners of the Nobel Prize ought to be awarded for the work they have done through the years either as activities or political leaders to promote peace and not by oratory. But then, the Nobel Committee and Obama admirers think Obama deserves it. But Trump doesn’t!

Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 (Image: Nobel Peace Prize/Twitter)

Donald Trump does not only deserve the nomination but the win. According to Skynews, Donald Trump was nominated by the Norwegian member of parliament Christian Tybring-Gjebbe for “brokering the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirate.” That is a monumental achievement for Trump, until this year the UAE had never recognized the state of Israel since its establishment in 1948. The Middle East is the most volatile region in the world today, those who have done so much to bring about peace in the region have won Nobel Peace Prizes in the past.

In 1978 the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for signing a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, being the first Arab nation (except Iran, although Iran has cut all ties since 1979), to recognized Israel. In 1994, the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Yasser Arafat was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for making peace between Palestine and Israel. He was awarded alongside Israeli leaders Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. The peace agreement is no longer extant. Donald Trump makes it a priority to establish a peaceful relationship between US major allies the Middle East, UAE and Israel. On August 13, 2020, the UAE, Israel, and the US signed a peace treaty. The leaders of these nations deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

Donald Trump flank by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahya of UAE, and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize Medal. Not only for brokering peace between UAE and Israel, but also by making peace between the US and North Korea. I also agree with the view of political commentators who insist that Obama was rewarded with the Peace Prize as an act of criticism against the Bush Administration. Obama was George Bush’s successor in office, during the Bush administration the US went into war with Iraq over unfounded allegations. That intensified the crises in the Middle East and severed or destroyed significantly the relationship between Arab nations and the US. After Obama was sworn into office he began touring the Middle East in an effort to secure the relationship with the US and the nations there. That is what the Nobel Committee used to slam George Bush and nothing more.

Donald Trump might have initiated policies and made utterances that have offended many people across the world but is a fact that not all government policies pleased the people no matter how good it was. Trump did well in bringing about peaceful relations where hostility reigns before: he made peace with North Korea and brokered one between Israel and UAE. He deserves to win the nomination and joined the league of serving US president who has won the award (Roosevelt, Wilson, Obama), or those who won after the left office (Jimmy Carter).

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